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Our Services

We offer a range of energy solutions, backed by our industry expertise and versatile finance options, to make our customer’s energy saving goals a reality.

We’re great believers in the ‘whole house approach’, which is about taking a complete look at our customers’ homes and households to understand how energy is used and, just as important, where it is being wasted.

In addition to our traditional gas & heating services, we are the head of a country-wide network of installers that offers almost every kind of energy improvement available in the market today.  Insulation, renewables, ventilation, water saving…you name it.

We are always happy to talk about our favourite subject – saving energy.  So give us a ring, send an email or just drop in at our Wigan offices and let us hear more about your goals for saving more energy today.


Avoid the scammers, cold callers, con men and unqualified installers!  If in doubt, call us and we will check them out.

Heating Systems

Heating systems account for around 60% of a home’s total energy use, making them the first port of call when it comes to tackling high energy bills.
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Energy Assessments

The foundation of any energy improvement project is understanding how energy is being used, and how more of it can be saved.  Our assessment services are the perfect starting place for any ‘whole house’ energy upgrade project.
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Institute of Domestic Energy Assessors (IDEA)

Learn about our partnership with the largest independent group of energy assessors in the UK.
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Energy Savings Centre

GDC has partnered with Wigan UTC to deliver practical energy advice and raise awareness of fuel poverty throughout our local community.
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The effort to preserve and protect the biodiversity in our environment is central to our mission.
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