There are currently 47 Green Deal measures. Many of these measures are also available through the Energy Company Obligation (ECO), a funding stream for vulnerable householders and hard to treat homes.Learn More...

Measures Covered

ECO funding is also available for solid wall and hard to treat cavity wall insulation.

Many of these measures will not meet the golden rule. However, Green Deal finance can still be used for some of the upfront cost – up to the level of the estimated savings for those measures in their property. ECO funding is also available for solid wall and hard to treat cavity wall insulation. It is also available for low income and vulnerable people and those in fuel poverty

Measures covered under Green Deal

The following measures are eligible for the Green Deal, domestic (D) and non domestic (ND), since the Green Deal launched in January 2013:

  • Air source heat pumps (D & ND)
  • Biomass boilers (D & ND)
  • Biomass room heaters (with radiators) (D only)
  • Cavity wall insulation (D & ND)
  • Chillers (ND only)
  • Cylinder thermostats (D only)
  • Draught proofing (D & ND)
  • External wall insulation systems (D & ND)
  • Fan-assisted storage heaters (D only)
  • Flue gas heat recovery devices (D & ND)
  • Gas-fired condensing boilers (D & ND)
  • Ground source heat pumps (D & ND)
  • Heating controls (for wet central heating systems and warm air systems) (D & ND)
  • Heating ventilation and air conditioning controls (inc. zoning controls) (ND only)
  • High performance external doors (D & ND)
  • Hot water controls (timers and temp control) (ND only)
  • Hot water cylinder insulation (D & ND)
  • Hot water showers (efficient) (D & ND)
  • Hot water systems (efficient) (ND only)
  • Hot water taps (efficient) (D & ND)
  • Internal wall insulation (of external walls) systems (D & ND)
  • Lighting systems, fittings and controls – (ND only)
  • Loft or rafter insulation (including loft hatch insulation) (D & ND)
  • Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery
  • Micro combined heat and power (D & ND)
  • Micro wind generation (D & ND)
  • Oil-fired condensing boilers (D & ND)
  • Photovoltaics (D & ND)
  • Pipework insulation (D & ND)
  • Radiant heating (ND only)
  • Replacement glazing (D & ND)
  • Roof insulation (D & ND)
  • Room in roof insulation (D only)
  • Sealing improvements (inc. duct sealing) (ND only)
  • Secondary glazing (D & ND)
  • Solar blinds, shutters and shading devices (ND only)
  • Solar water heating (D & ND)
  • Transpired solar collectors (ND only)
  • Underfloor heating (ND only, but may be added to D at later date)
    Underfloor insulation (D & ND)
  • Variable speed drives for fans and pumps (D & ND)
  • Warm-air units (D & ND)
  • Waste water heat recovery devices attached to showers (D)
  • Water source heat pumps (D & ND)