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What are Energy Assessments?

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

If a home is being bought, sold or rented it needs to have an EPC.  But the EPC is much more useful than that.

An EPC tells a story.  How energy-efficient is a property?  And what improvements could be made to make it more efficient?

Through our close association with IDEA (click here to learn more) we can deliver top-quality EPC assessments anywhere in Great Britain.

Green Deal Occupancy Assessment (GDOA)

The GDOA tends to be linked with government schemes, some of which require households to produce a GDOA to be eligible for funding. The purpose of the GDOA is to assess a households’ energy use in detail and recommend improvements that would make a big difference.

During the GDOA process, the assessor will ask questions like:

  • During what hours do you heat the property?
  • What temperature do you heat he property to?
  • Do you dry clothes in a dryer, over the radiators or on a rack line?

The assessor will also want to look at actual energy bills, which the assessing software will analyse to make conclusions about what improvements will be most helpful to the household’s circumstance.

Green Deal Advice Report (GDAR)

The GDAR is simply the pairing of an EPC and a GDOA.  In other words, EPC + GDOA = GDAR.

Another way of looking at it is, the EPC looks at the property, and the GDOA looks at the people living in it.  A GDAR gives the most complete picture of a household’s energy use, and will allow a household to make an informed decision about their energy usage.

Other Energy Assessments

There are a number of other assessments that are useful for understanding how energy is used or wasted, such as thermal imaging to detect heat loss and drafts.  If you would like further information about the types of assessments available please get in touch with us today.